Nova7s Slots

Blast off into space with this new Real Time Gaming online slot Nova 7's Slots. This 5 reel, 25 pay line slot includes a multitude of different ways to reach scores higher than the stars. When people think about space, they consider the silence, the emptiness, the loneliness. no on really thinks about the curiosity, the unknown, and the idea of life outside. This game equips us with the knowledge of different stars super planets illustrating such stars as the red rings planet, the giant blue moon, the green gas planet, the sun, and different colored solar systems all waiting a chance to be discovered and explored. These symbols have a chance to scoring you as much as over 700 points if you can chain enough of these symbols together on the play table. Before getting started, familiarize yourself with the screen. Recognize where to bet, the auto spin function, and how the pay table pays out. This game comes equipped with huge features and big win possibilities such as free spins, wilds, and scatters.

Features and Bonuses

This slot includes a wild red heating 7 and a scatter blue heating 7. Each wild red 7 counts for all symbols except for scatters. This may also solar flare during the super or hyper nova bonus games. The scatter blue 7 multiply the total bet made. The scatter will also reward players with 7 free spins. These wilds symbols appear on either the 2 and 4 reel and the scatter on 3.

The bonus features include Nova and super nova spins which are multiplying the prize for any wins. Unlike the nova, the super nova will expand across the whole reel offering up to 7x the bet.

The extra bonus games features in this online slot are the hyper nova 7 feature and the hyper nova extreme feature. With the hyper nova 7 feature, this will trigger the super nova 7 feature as well as expanding all wild red 7 symbols and rewards re-spins. Reel 3 will be held in place while the other reels will spin. unlike the previous three features, the extreme hyper nova expanding any wild red 7 symbols across the reel 3, always.

Final Thoughts

I think Nova 7's slots introduces players to a lot of opportunity to be rewarded with high multipliers and impressive symbol expansions. Even better when the free spins get included because they allow for bonus features to still be rewarded. It is a very accessible platform with a simple play table design. The symbols pay out depending on how many of the specific symbol can be triggered on a spin and are all unique to each own. The atmosphere of the theme creates this sense of emptiness which can quickly escalate the feelings of dread to exploration with every new win. Do not be afraid of the unknown, the universe is vast with epic stars, blue dwarfs, mass area of nothingness, and of course huge nova wins.