Witch's Brew Slots

From a distance, you hear a cackle, you see colored smoke and sizzling cauldron's brewing all sorts of potions. Witch's Brew is an RTG online slot that is highly anticipated and providing players with an all-new experience with gaming. This slot is a 25 payline 5 reel machine that runs an exciting 3D render and gives players high opportunities for bonuses and jackpots. Looking to cook up some exciting wins with your pointy hat and broomstick? Enjoy an atmospheric soundtrack with a super interactive experience. This online slot features symbols such as jars of eyes, spell books and scrolls, black enchanted cats, mortar, and pestle, toads, cauldrons, candles, witches and more.

Features and Bonuses

This online experience offers player two wild symbols being the witch and the dragon fang. These symbols could be activated by landing three of the same symbol on any of the three reels 2, 3, and 4. Once the wild symbol triggers these reels freeze while the rest continue to spin. These reels will respin up to 10 times scoring you huge wins. This slot also offers a goblin blood feature which can be activated with three scatter symbols granting players with free spins that can stack with more scatter symbols. The scatter bonus begins after 3 scatter symbols and multiplies free spins with every extra scatter symbol that lands. If you are lucky, you can win up to 125 free spins! Each featured bonus doubles earnings and can definitely get players sizzling from all those hot wins.

Final Thoughts

This slot is one of those games that give players a reason to come back. It is fun, nice to look at, interactive, and an easy way to score huge multipliers for wins. I like that during the scatter bonus spin, the wild symbols can also trigger during the free spins giving you a great combination of bonuses that can stack. This means that when players play, they have a great edge over the slots algorithm. It is easy to understand, a fast playing game offers players an autoplay function, includes a jackpot, and is all around a good time. Get to brewing!