Privacy Policy

We highly value and respect the privacy of all our online visitors and players. This section is designed to demonstrate our strong commitment to your privacy and discloses how we gather and disseminate information from our websites as well as the security procedures which are put in place for protection of your information.

Your IP address allows us to verify your identity and alerts us if there is a server error. When you register we request specific information from you, including contact information (your name and e-mail address etc), unique identifiers (like your ID number) and financial information (like your account or credit card numbers).

We may use customer contact information from the registration form to send you further information and notifications. Unique identifiers (such as ID numbers or passport numbers) are collected to verify your identity and are linked to your unique account number or username. No information will be sold, given or in anyway transmitted to any external entity, person or other business outside our corporation.

All of our systems and sites have strict security measures implemented to protect against unauthorized use, loss and/or alteration of the information under our control.

If you are concerned with the accuracy of the personal information provided by you and maintained by Apollo Slots, you may contact the Customer Support Centre to request any updates or changes.

Credit card or any other financial transaction or information dissemination cannot take place without prior authorization by way of entering usernames and passwords. Our e-commerce partners require specific details to be supplied and confirmed before any financial transactions are processed. They also employ Fraud Prevention departments which ensure the security and integrity of customer's details.

Records of all transactions are also strictly maintained by us. This enables us to access all data should the need to do so arise. 128-Bit encryption is used at all times when transferring any data, including payment card details and banking information via the Internet. Customers are issued with a unique account number and they can choose their own password which is only known to them for added security.