Megasaur Slots

Ready to take it back ions ago? Megasaur slots is a online slot by RTG (Real Time Gaming), where the dinosaur's, standing as tall as towers, are walking the earth again. How cool would it be to walk among them? This online video slot is a 5 reel, 25 pay line experience that is going to be an appetizing treat. Through the tall jungles, this game includes symbols such as pterodactyls, velociraptors, diplodocus', triceratops, and your classic 9- A poker card symbols. These symbols can score as large as 750 coins per combination! This game pits you deep in the dark forrest amidst a huge jackpot. Begin by choosing your functions like autoplay, your bet number, and bet line. Ready to explore the world before we walked it?

The play-table is surrounded by a forrest and showcases all the dinosaur symbols listed above. On the sides, the play-table shows us all the ways the games pay so it is easier to understand how the games symbols can be combined. The graphics take on a classic look of online slots and demonstrates how valuable good gameplay can compliment a classic look.

Bonus and features

The wild green megasaur symbol appears on the 2nd reel, the red Megasaur symbol is featured on the fourth reel and will also double any prize. Ready to see the beginning of the end? The scattered volcanoes trigger 2, 5, or 10 free spins and when spooked by the Megasaur--can trigger up to 250 free spins! Let's hope they do not erupt before we hit the jackpot. The opportunity for free spins excerpts volumes toward the importance of the volcano and Megasaur mix, but that is the type of luck we expect to endure playing with the beats of the earth.

Final thoughts

This classic looking adventure game gives us a look on what the world was to these giant beasts. Great dinosaurs walking the earth implemented in a way to create the wild world of slots. This online slot is accessible to all players and easy to begin spinning. The dinosaurs bring us back to when we learned about these giants from the velociraptor, to the birds of the sky. This game's features give this game a big boost of free spins when you land the combination of scatter and wild.