Football Frenzy Slots

Goal! You hear as the jackpot hits the trigger. The crowd cheers, vuvuzela's blow, and you're running down the reels checking out every scored combination. That is typically how football gets the motivation going, and there is a reason it is the most important sport in the world. Football Frenzy slots are an online slot with 5 reels and 50 pay lines developed by Real Time Gaming. This slot offers everything you love about soccer in the form of symbols like soccer balls, stadiums, players, goalies, yellow cards, fans, trophies, fan gear, beers, and cleats. Each symbol ranges the payouts between 20- 500 depending on how many you can combine on the reels. Laid across the turf is the game board where you'll be able to set your bet, check your wins, spin the reels, and setup the autoplay. When you are ready, shoot for the goal and let's get the ball rolling. If you are just a sports fan enjoying the view, then let yourself indulge in this immersive experience with a beer in hand and luck in the other.

Features and Bonuses

This game features a lot of bonus opportunities like changing the game mode, player wilds, and stadium scatters. When you trigger 3 or more stadium scatters you will multiply your wins as well as unlock up to 100 free games! For 3 scatters you will win 8 free games, 4 scatters will give you 10- 25 free games, and 5 scatters will give you 50- 100 free games as well as mulitply your winnings by x500. If you land the wild striker player symbol on reels 1 and 5, and the third reel if it is triggered during a free spin. The wild will double your winnings.

There is a penalty kick bonus is a bonus round which can be unlocked during the free games which triple your winnings. Shoot for one of the angles on the goal and will trigger during the bet of the spin. They will unlock penalty soccer ball symbols and helps you move up the price ladder for more multipliers. After two misses or 8 goals, the game will triple your prize and this can be retriggered.

The last feature of this game is unique as it allows you to change the way you would like to play. Available at all times before a spin, you can choose whether you'd like to play striker mode or lucky mode. With striker mode, all free games are tripled while lucky move grants you more free games, but they are not multiplied. This also unlocks lucky feature, which can trigger free kick games awarding 8 free games.

Final Thoughts

Football Frenzy slots give players a lot of chances to win free games, enjoy multipliers, and truly feel like you are immersed in the field. There are so many ways to unlock features and bonuses that you will be spinning and winning like never before. This game is unique in it allows players to choose how they would like to approach each spin whether you are more for luck or for striking. The symbols grab the beauty of football and will create a nice touch for people who not only wanna enjoy the feel of slots, but want to enjoy the culture of sports as well. It is accessible to all players and any confusion can be taken to the help button for anything that is not explained enough.