Bonkers Slots

Bonkers is a classic online slot with a twist. This Realtime Gaming (RTG) slot features a basic setup, albeit with some visual flair and a special feature. If you like classic games with a couple of surprises, then Bonkers is definitely worth checking out.

Interesting Background that Fits the Name

Most classic slots are pretty straightforward affairs that don't offer much pizazz. Bonkers differs, though, by featuring an entertaining background. The game title has a red zig-zag line going through it, with the title "BONKERS!" lit up like a neon sign. The background has bits of red and blue sprinkled about, which further sells this game's zaniness.

The symbols, on the other hand, are pretty basic. They include a Bonkers icon, single BAR, double BAR, triple BAR, and red 7s. The Bonkers symbol is the only one that stands out from these otherwise very basic icons.

Three red 7s pay the most, offering 1,200 credits on a three-coin bet. The triple BAR pays the second most, delivering 240 credits on a three-coin wager.

Earn Free Re-Spins

You can trigger free re-spins by landing Bonkers symbols in the payline. You receive three free spins for two Bonkers icons, and 10 re-spins for three.

Once you unlock this feature, you'll see how many re-spins you have left in the counter on the right side of the game. Unfortunately, you can't retrigger this bonus. The free re-spins will automatically end if you get three red 7s, which is the game's top prize.

Betting Options

Bonkers is a three-reel, one-line slot. Given that there's only one payline, you obviously can't change this option. You can, however, adjust the coin denomination and choose how many coins to bet per spin.

Denominations include $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $5. You can bet one, two, or three coins per round. We recommend betting all three coins, because this gives you access to the best jackpot.

Three red 7s pay 200 coins for a one-coin bet, 400 for a two-coin wager, and 1,200 for a three-coin bet. You can see that there's definitely value to be had in the jackpot when risking all three coins.

Bonkers Slots RTP

The return to player (RTP) for Bonkers is unknown. Most online slots offer between 94% and 96% payback. Therefore, we assume that this game's RTP falls somewhere within the same range.

Go Bonkers for This Game

Bonkers is definitely a good slot for anybody who likes classic games. First off, it's not just your average classic slot, because it includes a few extras. The background offers plenty of flair, while you can earn free re-spins thanks to the Bonkers icon.

The rest of the slot is basically what you'd expect from a three-reel, one-line game. It offers a mix of 7s and BAR symbols on the reels.

We'd definitely like to see the RTP be publicly listed for this game. But we won enough to trust that it's not a crooked slot or anything. Overall, we definitely recommend trying Bonkers if you're into classic slots.