Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon is a three-reel, one-line slot from Realtime Gaming (RTG). It's a classic online slot by design, but it also offers a few twists.

You can keep reading to find out more on what Crazy Dragon slots has to offer, including its graphics, symbols, features, and return to player (RTP).

Scaly Green Background with Some Unique Symbols

Crazy Dragon isn't just some bland classic slot. It instead offers unique graphics and symbols that make it stand out from many other classic games.

The background is covered in dragon scales. You'll see the dragon in the upper right-hand corner, with its mouth open and staring at the pay table. This beast is fashioned into the typical Chinese depiction of what a dragon looks like.

Symbols include a bonsai, fireworks, pagoda roof, yin-yang, and dragon. The highest-regular payout is worth 3,000 coins (on three-coin bet). Overall, these symbols and the background combine to create an interesting take on the dragon myth.

Crazy Dragon Special Features - Use Re-spins to Win the Jackpot

The main feature in this game involves being able to trigger free re-spins. You earn these re-spins when the dragon lands at least once in the payline. You receive 2 free re-spins for one dragon, 5 for two, and 20 for three. Also note that the yin-yang symbol can substitute for the dragon to form wins.

The number of remaining re-spins is tracked on the right side of the game. You can keep re-triggering these spins within a single bet.

You'll win the progressive jackpot by getting 100 total re-spins in one bet. The jackpot is currently worth over $8,000 at the time of this review.

Format and Betting

The coin size is a fixed $1. This coin denomination is incredibly high for an online slot. It also doesn't help matters that it's not flexible.

Crazy Dragon gives you the ability to use between one and three coins per spin. All payouts increase proportionately based on how many credits you wager. Unlike many other classic slots, you don't gain a strategic advantage by betting more than one coin.

Crazy Dragon Slots RTP & Volatility

The RTP for Crazy Dragon isn't published anywhere online. This is unfortunate when considering that it's always nice to know the payback on any game you choose.

Like any classic game, Crazy Dragon is fairly volatile. It's perhaps even more volatile considering that it offers a progressive jackpot and free re-spins.

Have a Fiery Adventure with Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon is far from a perfect game. We hate how you can't change the coin size from $1. It also doesn't have publicly available RTP. Despite these downsides, though, we still recommend giving this slot a try if you have the bankroll for it.

Classic slots fans who also like games with unique graphics and features should enjoy Crazy Dragon. It gives you the ability to earn free re-spins and even win a large progressive jackpot. In summary, check out Crazy Dragon if you can afford the $1 coin denomination.